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Westpac Kaiapoi


Westpac has been a proud part of New Zealand history and community for over 150 years. Beginning life in 1861 as The Bank of New South Wales, we changed our name to Westpac in 1982.

Today, Westpac New Zealand is one of the country’s largest full service banks.
Switching to Westpac is simple. Our team will take care of all the hard stuff, like sorting out direct debits, so you can get on with the other important things you need to do. We’ll even send your old bank a goodbye card, if you want. But once you’ve made the move, we promise you’ll never look back.
Make the move, it’s time.
Time. We invented it so we would know when we should do things, yet it’s become the biggest excuse for not doing them.
95% of New Zealanders have a long-term personal goal and we’re here to help. So we’ve decided to start challenging Kiwis to start making time for what’s important.
We’ve got all the tools, know-how and most importantly the time you need.
It’s time and we’re ready.
Westpac has the complete range of bank accounts and services, including ATM, mortgages, home loans, credit cards, term deposits, insurance, savings, investments and online facilities.

It’s time, switch to Westpac!!