Kaiapoi River Walking Bridge
2021 Interschools Inflatarun Challenge
Boats on Kaiapoi River

Kaiapoi Promotion Association

Kaiapoi Promotions is a non-profit organisation and has been an Incorporated Society since December 1972, our purpose is to strengthen and enhance the present and future community of Kaiapoi

The Kaiapoi Promotion Association is committed to promoting the township of Kaiapoi as a vibrant and prosperous place to visit and engage with the community. We organize a variety of local events that are both free and low-cost, in order to attract visitors and encourage them to enjoy all that our river town has to offer and we aim to showcase the many amazing attributes and attractions that make Kaiapoi unique.

Kaiapoi Earthquake Remembrance

View of Kaiapoi River

Kaiapoi War Memorial