2021 Interschools Inflatarun Challenge

Kaiapoi, gateway to the Waimakariri District

Kaiapoi is a picturesque town, just 20km north of Christchurch. Established in 1857, Kaiapoi is a unique destination providing a range of sporting and leisure pursuits.  

It is important to understand the Kaiapoi Township’s uniqueness in the scale of both New Zealand history, geographical features and location.

Kaiapoi is a special place, as it is a true river town, whose history of settlement dates from the 1700’s onwards and has been centred around the river for both trade and food purposes.

It is a community that has a history of solidarity through adversity and the ability to reinvent itself, many times over the passing centuries.

Today the Kaiapoi Township still has the river flowing through it but more green space than most modern towns can only dream of or imagine in their district plans. This very rural aspect is due to large sectors of the township being classed red zone post the 4.9.2010 earthquake that decimated the township.

In 2016, Kaiapoi now has well-kept large park like recreational areas, with easy access to the Kaiapoi river, combined with the township's close proximity to the beaches and the mighty braided Waimakariri River have put Kaiapoi in the unique position of being a day trippers paradise for both young and old, whilst allowing them to have very easy access to a vibrant township, with all the modern amenities and it’s many community lead initiatives.

The number of family groups or friends that can be seen either walking, riding or fishing is growing weekly. As people from outside of the district, discover and become more aware of the opportunities within this natural free recreational gem area.

This growth of day tripper activity is also reflected in the growth of independent businesses who add to the vitality and vibrancy of the small township.

Just a two minute diversion off the motorway leads you to the heart of Kaiapoi and then a unique benefit, you can exit Kaiapoi and get back onto the motorway without doubling back.

International research shows that where there is stability in a strong independent business owner collective, it is a fore runner to community where the people chose to work, live and spend their recreational time as they search for the work life balance that serves them and their families.

The Kaiapoi Promotion Association is proud to be an initiator and community leader in the river town’s progression forward and redevelopment post-earthquake for the betterment of all the Kaiapoi community stakeholders. 

The Kaiapoi Promotion Association strives to effectively build, strengthen and enhance the present and future community of Kaiapoi.