The Kaiapoi Promotion Association (KPA) has been an Incorporated Society since 1972 and is governed by a volunteer executive. The KPA contracts Martyn Cook as a part time Business Manager. Our membership comes from Business Operators, Residents, and Community Groups within the Kaiapoi-Tuahiwi, The Pines and Kairaki Beach, Woodend, Pegasus, Ohoka, and Ravenswood areas.

The KPA sees its role as promoting Kaiapoi as a township that is a vibrant and prosperous place, which attracts people to visit, engage with the community and enjoy the many amazing attributes and attractions that are unique to a river town.

The KPA collaboratively works alongside other neighbourly based associations within our Kaiapoi community, that are dedicated to supporting and showcasing Kaiapoi businesses and the wider community in a proactive and positive light.

The KPA has its foundation based around the following:

The KPA Mission

To provide a collaborative organisation that effectively helps build, strengthen and enhance the present and future community of Kaiapoi and its surrounding areas.

The KPA Vision

To ensure that Kaiapoi and the wider Kaiapoi areas work together in continuing as a strong, vibrant, and healthy community for future generations

Upcoming Events

  • The Kaiapoi Brand: Words to Action
    The Kaiapoi Brand: Words to Action
    Kaiapoi Promotions would like you to join them in the second of a series of business events to promote Kaiapoi as a visitor destination. This business breakfast takes place on Thursday November 14th.
  • November Mix n' Mingle
    Novembers Mix n' Mingle is being hosted by Community Wellbeing North Canterbury Trust on the 18th at 24 Sewell St, Kaiapoi.
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Networking Events