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A huge amount of 'retail leakage' out of Kaiapoi will be a focus for the new Kaiapoi Business Association Chair Martin Pinkham.

"We need to find a different way of generating revenue for Kaiapoi businesses, and make it a desirable destiniation." he said.

He said that he is keen for the Association to find effective ways of attracting visitors to the town, especially from north Christchurch.

"The Council and ENC have done a lot of research on the district's economy and, while we may not like it we have to accept that Kaiapoi is never going to be a major commercial and retail centre."

Martin Pinkham has been acting chair of the Association for some months, and was formally elected to the chair at the KPA Annual General Meeting held on June 17.

He said he was pleased to announce that the last Kaiapoi Christmas Carnival had been extremely successful in many ways.

"The KPA's deficit of $28,614 has been reversed by the success of the Carnival to a surplus of $25,907. We now have a very healthy financial report and an equity in excess of $10,000" he said.

Previous years had been difficult for the KPA but the situation was helped by the appointment of Martyn Cook and Tracy Inwood of Solutions Online to run the Carnival.

Now the Association's future looks secure.

The monthly Mix and Mingel events had been successful, with growing numbers attending, and the Association has a current membership of 84.

A 'Kaiapoi Brand' breakfast was held last Wednesday, providing an opportunity for members of the Kaiapoi community to share ideas about the next step in creating a 'Kaiapoi Brand'.

This followed a Peter Kenyon breakfast last year where the champion of small towns from Australia had inspired the audience.

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    March Mix n' Mingle
    We would like to invite you to our first networking event for 2020. The evening will be started by Simon Hart, Business & Centres Manager for the WDC, who will provide you with information on your business rates and how the council uses them to develop Kaiapoi.
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