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This page is our central source of information. The place to visit to stay up to date with everything we are working on and who we are working with.

News Updates


This page is our central source of information. The place to visit to stay up to date with everything we are working on and who we are working with.


We are very pleased to be able to announce that the 2020 Kaiapoi Christmas Carnival and Santa Parade has been confirmed and will take place on Saturday the 5th of December.

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Notice of AGM

The Kaiapoi Promotion Association will be holding their AGM on July 1st.

Held at the Coastguard Rooms,

76A Charles St Kaiapoi

Doors open at 5:30 with a complimentary drink and nibbles

We are very pleased to have the Waimakariri District Mayor, Dan Gordon, presenting to us from approximately 6:00 pm before the formal meeting.


Save the Date

KPA Supports Council Proposal for Stopbank Cycle Route

The Kaiapoi Promotions Association is very supportive of the Waimakariri District Council’s proposal to provide $250,000 in the Recreation budget towards the construction of a recreational cycle route from the north end of the Waimakariri River bridge to central Kaiapoi utilising the existing Ecan stopbanks.

This proposal to include the project in the 20120/21 Annual Plan was supported by the council following the consideration of presentations from KPA and ENC at its meeting on 1 October 2019. At that meeting ENC highlighted that this recreational route is a key component of a wider recreational cycle route extending into North Canterbury.

The Council has spent a lot of money developing the central Kaiapoi area and it is imperative that the cycleways are located in places that makes access to central Kaiapoi simple and safe for visitors.

The KPA Business Manager Martyn Cook noted that the recent Kaiapoi Brand workshop concluded that walking and cycling is a key attraction for visitors to Kaiapoi, and that the residents of North Christchurch are the primary target market for visitors. He said “As the country emerges from the current lockdown it is clear that domestic visitors to Kaiapoi will be key to ensuring that a wide range of businesses in the Kaiapoi area flourish.”

The CNC project has already made provision for this key visitor link in the design of its cycleway, as shown on the drawing above.

In addition, Ecan is very supportive of the project, as it is complimentary to its existing recreational cycle trails, and has offered to complete some works to facilitate the project

KPA Requests Funding for Kaiapoi Visitor Maps

The Kaiapoi Promotions Association has requested funding from Waimakariri District Council to produce a set of digital and hard copy Kaiapoi Visitor Maps.

The participants at the recent KPA Kaiapoi Brand workshop were asked to identify what they considered to be the key attractions for visitors to Kaiapoi to four potential customer types. The responses clearly ranked the top attractions being:

  • Walking / cycling
  • River precinct
  • Parks / reserves
  • Beaches

KPA Chairperson Martin Pinkham said “The participants were also asked what projects that could be implemented quickly to provide the maximum benefit to support efforts to attract visitors to Kaiapoi. The top ranking project identified was the production of a series of Walking / Cycling visitor guides.”

Since that workshop KPA has undertaken further research on what other areas have done and concluded that the approach taken by the Nelson region would work well in Kaiapoi. The Nelson area has created a series of Walking and Cycling route maps in an A4 format, some single and some double sided. The maps have a consistent theme and have:

  • a schematic, easy to follow, map
  • commentary on points of cultural, historic, civic and ecological interest
  • details of recreational facilities

It is proposed that hard copies would be available from the iSite, and digital versions of the maps would be hosted on the Visit Waimakariri website, and the KPA website, where they can be:

  • downloaded and printed off prior to a visit
  • read directly on a tablet or phone

In addition, these maps would be accessible on the YMac app, which has the advantage of being able to use the navigation features of a digital device to get directions to the start of the route.

The Kaiapoi Promotions Association is keen to work with the Councils Signage Working Party, the Kaiapoi District Historical Society, and other stakeholders in developing a resource for visitors and locals.


The KPA has made a submission to Ecan regarding the Proposed Plan change 7 and requested to be heard on behalf of its members, and the Kaiapoi community, at the public hearings to be held in early June.

The Kaiapoi/Silverstream river is the most polluted in North Canterbury with nitrate levels over the National Policy Statement - Fresh Water and e.coli levels regularly breach the 550/100ml level for contact recreation. This ecological degradation demands an urgent increase to the minimum flows to help rehabilitation of the long-compromised aquatic ecosystem in the Kaiapoi River and its tributaries. While the proposed Plan Change 7 proposes a review of  187 stream-depleting and surface water abstractions the KPA believes that the timeframe to complete this is unacceptable and wants the reviews to be completed within two years from the date PC7 becomes operative. This is critical to bringing life back into the Kaiapoi River and its tributaries. 

KPA Chair Martin Pinkham noted that the KPA submission has stated “increasing the river flows will go some way to ensure the restoration of some ecological health to our much-degraded river, which will in turn enhance the town and the Waimakariri District, and ensure the viability of business growth and that Kaiapoi lives up to its name as an attractive river town for locals and visitors to live in and enjoy. The Waimakariri District Council and private business have invested tens of millions of dollars to date in Kaiapoi Town centre redevelopment since the 2010-11 earthquakes.  Encouraging new business, increasing the vibrancy of the town and encouraging more visitors is a key objective of the Kaiapoi Town Centre Plan, and a key plank of the Kaiapoi Promotion Association “Kaiapoi Brand” development programme. The prime focus of these plans is the engagement and enjoyment of the Kaiapoi River with a new $10 million marine precinct, wharf and floating pontoons plus a riverbank walkway and terraces inviting locals and visitors to linger and relax at the water’s edge”.