Our Members

Our membership comes from Business Operators, Residents, and Community Groups within the Kaiapoi-Tuahiwi, The Pines and Kairaki Beach, Woodend, Pegasus, Ohoka, and Ravenswood areas.

The KPA sees its role as promoting Kaiapoi as a township that is a vibrant and prosperous place, which attracts people to visit, engage with the community and enjoy the many amazing attributes and attractions that are unique to a river town.


Peter Page

191B Ohoka Rd

| Dr Bike

Doctor Bike is the work of Peter and Todd Page and opened in early 2006. Doctor Bike is a Workshop not a Supermarket! We prefer to stock bicycle parts not complete bikes, well not complete bikes that come out of one box unless it's a Rocky Mountain. We can custom build onto a Transition frame or the frame you supply. Looking to buy online... well you can't buy our hands or brains because they are not for sale and we don't sell parts or bikes online either, it's too easy! Call us an "old school workshop" that you actually have to go visit. Email and phone calls work to make bookings or enquiries but all sales are done in-store. Being a workshop also means no bright lights or fancy signage and in winter bring a jacket because it's often cold.