Membership Application

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      We offer an annual membership that renews April 1st of each year.

    • At least one of 'Phone' or 'Mobile Phone' is required.

    The Benefits

    Join us to support your local community.   Membership with the KPA gives members the chance to be involved with their community and build a stronger Kaiapoi.  Building the community benefits business and the community.   Our town is a vibrant and exciting place with a strong community focus. 

    The Association welcomes new members and your involvement is welcome at a variety of levels. Membership ranges from community groups to individuals and businesses.
    Membership benefits include but are not limited to;
    • Advocacy for Kaiapoi businesses at the Waimakariri District Council
    • Representation of Kaiapoi at Council future development planning
    • Local networking meetings
    • Opportunity to be involved with Kaiapoi events
    • Listing with a business directory (online)
    • Input into the running of the KPA through voting rights at the AGM and the option for executive membership
    • Email Newsletter containing local news and listing events around Kaiapoi
    • Opportunities to be involved in your community
    • Representation to Council on Local Economic Development and Future Use of the Red Zone committees
    • Updates to Council and ENC on Business confidence and town growth