The Kaiapoi Promotion Association takes a very proactive approach and has strong commitment to its community under this auspice it takes a lead role within the community organising targeted events and initiatives that meet the vision, mission and values of the Kaiapoi Promotion Association.

KPA lead initiatives

KPA Breakfast Club

This is a current member only initiative where members meet every 2nd Wednesday in a structured manner, to get to know other businesses in Kaiapoi, discuss matters relevant to their businesses or the community and also have the opportunity to hear guest speakers in a cost effective friendly environment.

Mid-Month Monday Mix and Mingle

Once a month, the KPA hosts a mix and mingle, which is open to all to attend, it is an evening event and works on an informal basis. This is an opportunity for invited community leaders if the case be, to update gathered attendees on matters that are relevant to Kaiapoi.

Fairy Princesses North Canterbury

For the 2015 Christmas Carnival and Santa Parade the KPA invested in 5 beautiful dresses that are iconic to famous storybooks. The intention was to ensure that KPA had its own permanent fully costumed entertainers available for promotional work for the KPA. The costumed princesses are then available for hire for functions, fund raisers and private parties for a fee. The fee, once costs have been deducted, is reinvested to ensure that the KPA has a growing wardrobe of authentic costumes available for our actors, so we can bring greater enjoyment to those young at heart.

Shop Kaiapoi Online Directory

This is a standalone website that provides a one stop directory for the businesses of Kaiapoi and defined district, whether they are members or not. Its target market is both locals and day trippers to Kaiapoi and in recognition that since 2010, a large portion of the population of Kaiapoi has shifted and businesses have relocated but also promotes the businesses of Kaiapoi to visitors.


The Kaiapoi Carnival and Santa Parade

Held on the first Saturday of December. This is a community event, it is a true small town carnival and Santa parade and widely supported by all those in the Kaiapoi District. It has been forced to reinvent its format over the last few years, since the devastating quakes and the challenges and constraints placed upon it in this modern era.