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Kaiapoi Christmas Carnival 2019

Carnival Update

The news on the carnival planning front is all good. We are very pleased to welcome back McDonalds Kaiapoi as the naming sponsor of this years parade. The parade is already attracting more attention than last year including one particular tall, red-headed clown! This year will once again include the motorcycles from Bikers Against Child Abuse (BACA), and as you know, Tracy loves to throw a surprise or two in! Take a look at the video of last years parade. This year is going to be better.


There are still issues with the carnival site that, despite the best intentions of all concerned parties, we will not be able to overcome this year. We will be keeping up our conversation with the council in the hope that we can improve the situation for next year.
The KPA will again be hosting the Community Street Market and the Community groups are registering quickly we have planned for expansion and are looking forward to hosting many more of our sporting and community groups.
The Carnival is also looking great with enquiries from stallholders from the Westcoast and South Canterbury looking to bring their wares to our event. We are expanding the Free Family Fun Zone to accommodate the anticipated increase in attendance and the Chillzone is being improved as well. Kaiapoi Toyota have recommitted to the Show & Shine and this year we already have confirmations from two of the largest car clubs in the region that they will be in attendance. The Community Stage will be busy with entertainment from start to end. Oh, and by the way,.. how about ending the day with Assembly Required!

August Mix n' Mingle

August Mix n Mingle

This months Mix n' Mingle drew a small but enthusiastic group to the workshop of Techmedics and 3D Labs.
Aaron gave us all a tour of the workshop and displayed the range of 3D printers along with a very informative conversation on his Managed IT Services.

Belfast to Kaiapoi Cycle Route

Earlier this year the KPA made a submission to the Waimakariri District Council (WDC) requesting consultation with the KPA regarding the proposed route for the Belfast to Kaiapoi cycleway, and requesting that the route go through central Kaiapoi.


Despite this the WDC have selected a preferred route that bypasses central Kaiapoi, as detailed at the attached link.

The KPA will be making a submission supporting the adoption of the Doubledays Road via the Waimakariri River Regional Park rather than the Council’s preferred route. The reason that KPA opposes the preferred route are:

  • A large proportion of the preferred route is on existing streets.
  • The preferred route has to cross Isaac Wilson Road, Ohoka Road, Fuller Street, Hilton Street, and Raven Quay.
  • It is highly likely that most of the users will be recreational riders rather than commuters.
  • We want to encourage visitors to central Kaiapoi, a is a key component of the strategy to attract visitors to the town.

If you want the WDC to reconsider their preferred route and have a cycle route that will serve both commuters and recreational riders we strongly encourage to make submissions either from your business, or personally.


I have enclosed a copy of the consultation form, and also a link to the OnLine Submission Form


The table has suggested wording for the various sections that you can cut and paste into the online form, or this editable PDF.


The consultation period ends at 8am Monday 12 August 2019.




Suggested wording



I / we oppose the council’s preferred route for the following reasons:

  • A large proportion of the preferred route is on existing streets and will be unsafe for riders who are not totally confident.
  • The proposed route will not be safe for young riders and will not encourage them to cycle
  • The preferred route has to cross Isaac Wilson Road, Ohoka Road, Fuller Street, Hilton Street, and Raven Quay.
  • It is highly likely that most of the users will be recreational riders rather than commuters.
  • We want to encourage visitors to central Kaiapoi
  • The Doubledays Road via the Waimakariri River Regional Park should be selected as the preferred route as it is much safer and the travel time will be similar to that of the councils preferred route.




  1. A safe route
  1. A direct route
  1. A scenic route

4     Other



Select option 1  Shared paths, pedestrian / cycle



Select option 2 Safest route



Select Yes and Yes



We will keep you informed of progress on this project as it works its way through the council system.

Nga mihi

Martin Pinkham

Chair Kaiapoi Promotion Association

Phone +64 3 327 4535  | Cell  +64 21 548 751



Mix n' Mingle at the Port & Eagle

July Mix n' Mingle

Another great Mix n' Mingle. I can appreciate a craft beer even more with the insights provided by David of Port & Eagle Brewpub.

Next month we get to see some 3D printers at work. Come along on August 19th to Techmedics Limited and 3D Labs


In May Martin Pinkham and Martyn Cook presented two submissions to the council on this year's draft Annual Plan.

These submissions failed to make it into this years budget however, we are still in discussions in an effort to improve the ground conditions of the preferred site for this year's Christmas Carnival.

The submissions and our supporting presentation can be viewed below.

Submission to the WDC AP_Cycleway.pdf

Submission to the WDC AP_Regeneration Area.pdf


A huge amount of 'retail leakage' out of Kaiapoi will be a focus for the new Kaiapoi Business Association Chair Martin Pinkham.

"We need to find a different way of generating revenue for Kaiapoi businesses, and make it a desirable destiniation." he said.

He said that he is keen for the Association to find effective ways of attracting visitors to the town, especially from north Christchurch.

"The Council and ENC have done a lot of research on the district's economy and, while we may not like it we have to accept that Kaiapoi is never going to be a major commercial and retail centre."

Martin Pinkham has been acting chair of the Association for some months, and was formally elected to the chair at the KPA Annual General Meeting held on June 17.

He said he was pleased to announce that the last Kaiapoi Christmas Carnival had been extremely successful in many ways.

"The KPA's deficit of $28,614 has been reversed by the success of the Carnival to a surplus of $25,907. We now have a very healthy financial report and an equity in excess of $10,000" he said.

Previous years had been difficult for the KPA but the situation was helped by the appointment of Martyn Cook and Tracy Inwood of Solutions Online to run the Carnival.

Now the Association's future looks secure.

The monthly Mix and Mingel events had been successful, with growing numbers attending, and the Association has a current membership of 84.

A 'Kaiapoi Brand' breakfast was held last Wednesday, providing an opportunity for members of the Kaiapoi community to share ideas about the next step in creating a 'Kaiapoi Brand'.

This followed a Peter Kenyon breakfast last year where the champion of small towns from Australia had inspired the audience.

A 'Kaiapoi Brand' breakfast was held last Wednesday, providing an opportunity for members of the Kaiapoi community to share ideas about the next step in creating a 'Kaiapoi Brand'.

This followed a Peter Kenyon breakfast last year where the champion of small towns from Australia had inspired the audience.

The breakfast was well attended with good positive responses. The community at large was well represented with Community Groups, Property Developers, Local Business, and the members of the local Council present. Some very useful information was presented by our speakers, Margaret Cook MNZM and Brydon Heller, and some good action points for us to work came from the following discussion facilitated by councillor Dan Gordon.

We are now working to collate the discussion points offered by the attendees and use them to generate an outline of how to move forward.

All those who attended the breakfast have been added to our Kaiapoi Brand mailing list, including those that have to give their apologies, and will be kept informed of developments as we progress.

We have scheduled the next event for November 2019 where, subject to final confirmation, Craig Rust (Acting Chair of ENC) has agreed to present.

If you would like to be kept informed of our progress on this project you can subscribe by clicking the button below.

David Ayers Speaking at KPA 2019 AGM

2019 Annual General Meeting

The KPA held it's AGM on Monday the 17th June.
Among the highlights presented to the attendees were:

  • a very successful Christmas Carnival with excellent crowds and positive feedback from the community
  • a very healthy financial report with the previous year's $28,614 deficit reversed to a $25,907 surplus and a growth in equity of -$15,216 now +$10,691
  • a full program of events has is in place for the current financial year

Mr Neill Price then presided over the election of Executive and Officers. The results of that election are:

Chairperson: Martin Pinkham
Vice-Chairperson: Aaron Lovelace
Treasurer: Greg Coleman
Executive: Hamish Keen, Neville Winter, Cheryl Meadows, & Christine Staines

Please use the following links to view the 2019 AGM documents and presentation

Kaiapoi Town Centre Plan

In May the Kaiapoi Promotion Association are brought business owners a special event. Simon Hart, Business and Centres Manager for the WDC presented the latest updates and developments on the Kaiapoi Town Centre Plan.

This event was held at the North Canterbury Coastguard rooms, 76A Charles St and was open to all business owners in the Kaiapoi area.

A light supper and refreshments were available for all that attended.

Mr Hart presented a brief history of the Town Centre Plan, its origins, the path to to the present, and a glimpse of the future developments Kaiapoi can look forward to. He also outlined the challenges faced by the WDC as it works to develop the town centre.

The evening was well received by those that attended and healthy discussion was had by all.

Santa Sleighs 'em in Kaiapoi

Santa sleighs 'em in Kaiapoi

Santa came to town for our Kaiapoi Christmas Carnival and Santa Parade 2018, and as the article suggests, He, the organisers, the businesses and the sponsors “sleighed it!”

Sponsors’ generosity enabled us to have a range of “zones” which were geared up to be primarily FREE to all, giving whole families the opportunity to have a fun and stress-free day out, with feedback being received from a grateful resident saying that “everything worked so well, and as grandparents we so appreciated all the fun things for the children to do for free – made it a real family outing”.

The businesses and community groups came together for the street market which was a great success and well supported by the residents of Kaiapoi and beyond, one couple from Christchurch even contacting the Waimakariri Council to compliment on “a great Santa Parade” and wanting to move out to Kaiapoi!  Many community groups declared that they raised much more for their causes than they expected, with at least a couple of organisations running out of raffle tickets and goods.  The businesses also reported unexpectedly good trading.

Commercial vendors within the carnival area were varied and saw great foot traffic throughout the day as many families stayed on after the parade to take advantage of the entertainment, as well as the shopping and food carts available.  More than one vendor commented that it was a “fantastic event”, and have already booked the date for 2019, with many more complimenting the Event Management team on a well organised event.

We saw some very talented, and mainly North Canterbury based, groups and individuals perform on the community stage and throughout the day, some taking part in all three components of the event. One group in particular putting pen to paper thanking the Event Management team for “doing such a fantastic job with the Christmas events at Kaiapoi this year”, saying that they “had a fantastic day out; all thoroughly enjoying playing in the street markets and the carnival as well as the actual parade”.

The Santa Parade and the Big Man in Red himself were amazing.  With a record amount of entries in the parade, including the new categories of Flolleys and Flooters, there was something for everyone to either join in with, or just enjoy watching.

With 98% of people surveyed on the day saying they would return for the event in 2019, it must be said that the 2018 Kaiapoi Christmas Carnival and Santa Parade was a HUGE success that was enjoyed by all.


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