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David Ayers Speaking at KPA 2019 AGM

2019 Annual General Meeting

The KPA held it's AGM on Monday the 17th June.
Among the highlights presented to the attendees were:

  • a very successful Christmas Carnival with excellent crowds and positive feedback from the community
  • a very healthy financial report with the previous year's $28,614 deficit reversed to a $25,907 surplus and a growth in equity of -$15,216 now +$10,691
  • a full program of events has is in place for the current financial year

Mr Neill Price then presided over the election of Executive and Officers. The results of that election are:

Chairperson: Martin Pinkham
Vice-Chairperson: Aaron Lovelace
Treasurer: Greg Coleman
Executive: Hamish Keen, Neville Winter, Cheryl Meadows, & Christine Staines

Please use the following links to view the 2019 AGM documents and presentation

Upcoming Events

  • The Kaiapoi Brand: Words to Action
    The Kaiapoi Brand: Words to Action
    Kaiapoi Promotions would like you to join them in the second of a series of business events to promote Kaiapoi as a visitor destination. This business breakfast takes place on Thursday November 14th.
  • November Mix n' Mingle
    Novembers Mix n' Mingle is being hosted by Community Wellbeing North Canterbury Trust on the 18th at 24 Sewell St, Kaiapoi.
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Networking Events