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The Kaiapoi Brand: event detailsThe KPA would like you to join them in the first in a series of business events to promote Kaiapoi as a brand and as a visitor destination.
To do this requires our community to work together as one to a common set of goals for the wellbeing of the town.
We hope to bring iwi, business operators and community leaders together in these business events to support a community wide conversation that we further hope will turn talk into action.
For this first event, we bring you two accomplished and knowledgeable speakers who will help you gain an insight into how inter-group agencies can be co-ordinated to benefit the whole, and how branding can work for Kaiapoi.

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Margaret Cook MNZM

Margaret Cook MNZM

Margaret has over 20 years’ experience in the workings of various community organisations, in which she has held governing positions.  Amongst them:

  • Habitat for Humanity where, over her time, she has held the Invercargill Board Chair, Christchurch Board Chair and was the National Director, and Invercargill Family Services Co-ordinator where she is currently involved in policy development.
  • The National Council of Women Southland Branch was where she served as Treasurer and Chair, later elected as a National Board Member and Vice President.She is currently a serving Southland Executive member.
  • A South Alive member since its inception, she is an Inaugural Trustee and is currently Deputy Chair.
  • Most pertinent to our discussions at this event, she has just served her 4th term as Co-Chair on the Southland Interagency Forum.

Margaret will be giving us an insight on how inter-agency groups can communicate and work effectively, engaging with the community to enhance the environment in which they choose to live.

Brydon Heller

Brydon Heller
Brydon is a 5th generation butcher who has worked his way up the ranks of his family business, getting involved at the Kaiapoi site in a sales role as the Canterbury area manager once the New Brighton business was sold.
From there he obtained his Bachelor of Business Management degree and has been involved in the marketing of the Hellers Brand since 2004.  Brydon has seen in a lot of changes in Hellers over his 20 plus years, including a total Hellers re-branding, and the first exports to Australia.
Brydon is now the Marketing Manager for Hellers NZ, and loves the challenges this brings, living by what his Dad taught him… that “the best sausage hasn’t been made yet”.
Brydon will be giving you his thoughts on creating a Kaiapoi Brand that will take the Town of Kaiapoi into the future. What is it? What do we want it to be? How do we go about doing it?

Dan Gordon

Councillor Dan Gordon

To wrap the morning up, councillor Dan Gordon will be then be facilitating an open floor discussion where we hope all present will be forthcoming with their thoughts and ideas of how we can work towards making “The Kaiapoi Brand” a reality.

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