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The Crossing, 77 Hilton St
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Corcoran French Lawyers

Legal & Business Services

If you have a small to medium sized business – the backbone of the NZ economy, you face various legal challenges. Because we are in the same boat, we understand.

Corcoran French is a local legal practice, with history and stability, as well as expertise. We know the local issues you face.

For those further afield, we have lawyers in Christchurch City and Kaiapoi. We also have shared offices at Akaroa.

If you need us to see you at your home or business, we can. Electronic mediums such as skype are also a possibility. Offering a flexible approach means that we can meet your needs, wherever you are.

Our staff are highly trained and able to provide effective and practical advice across a wide range of legal issues.

We place a high value on integrity, professionalism and maintaining a competent, committed and cohesive team.

At Corcoran French we are committed to building strong relationships with our clients, understanding their needs and providing effective legal solutions and peace of mind.

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